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Publish Schemas
Declare your schema and encourage your stakeholders to request changes.
Identify Stakeholders
Publish your schemas allowing stakeholders to identify themselves as an interested party.
Encourage Collaboration
Collaborate on changes to schemas where all stakeholders can see.
Automate Notifications
Notify stakeholders of upcoming changes and other relevant information.


$200 Per Month

  • Unlimited Schemas
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Notifications
  • Unlimited Teams
  • Data Insights
  • CDN Distribution
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Frequently asked questions

Can I cancel at anytime?
Yes, you have the option to cancel in your account settings.
Do you have a free tier?
We don't. You may trial our services for 14 days, but after that we have to charge to keep the lights on.
Do you plan to support other formats in the future?
Absolutely, including the ability to convert from one to another.
After a change request is accepted on a database schema, can you migrate the data store?
Not right now, but we're working on the ability to apply the changes via a migration. You do have the option to send a webhook after accepting a change request.
Can we pay for an entire year at once?
Right now, you can not, but we'll enable this in the near future.
Are you hiring?
Currently, we are not. We are intentionally staying a small core while we build out the foundation.

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