We've built a few data platforms.

Schemabook was started after seeing a similar need in various organizations. The founders have experience building large scale data platforms. They have recognized a need in management of data specifically around definition and stakeholder collaboration.


Built off of previous experience.

Data Platforms
Our team members have played critical roles in organizations establishing large data platforms. We've learned they become messy if you aren't mindful of defining the data first.
Data is used by people
Throughout our experience, we've noticed most of the efforts around data go into the technologies without a lot of thought going into the people and how they use the data. We're focused on improving that.
Batch and Real Time
Data platforms now offer batch and real time data. Managing database tables is different than data pipelines. However, there are similarities. We're abstracting those similarities because they impact the people using the data.
Teams make up ecosystems and data platforms as much as technology. Teams also shift often. Losing track of ownership and use can be costly. Duplication of efforts can be costly. We're helping prevent those costs.


Data Platforms Including data warehouses plus Event Systems Including microservices

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Our leadership

Our team has years of experience building data platforms. Our collective knowledge is focused on helping others understand the story their data tells. Compiling large tomes of data is fun from a technology standpoint, but if the data doesn't tell a story and everyone is not on the same page, it ultimately isn't useful or actionable. We help companies make their data actionable. We've done this previously at Fortune 100 companies.

Why We Built Schemabook

We've been involved in organizations who have spent countless hours and millions of dollars to build data platforms and services. These are all interesting problems to solve but they don't address the ultimate goal of enabling stakeholders to perform their jobs with the data. Schemabook was built to solve this problem by involving stakeholders in the definition and evolution of the data with the teams that implement it.